Red Riding Hood 3D double-sided wooden puzzle
Double-sided 3D puzzle

Double-sided 3D puzzle

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Our double-sided 3D puzzle is made of high-quality wood, safe for children. Each puzzle is constructed from 8 stacking pieces. The game comes in a range of colors. It helps children recognize three-dimensional shapes.

The double-sided 3D puzzle is unique! It has two sides, one in relief and the other in 2D. So you can manipulate it and turn it in all directions to find the right combination. What’s more, this puzzle is also great fun to put together.

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Age recommandé: No selection

25-36 mois

Dimensions: No selection

18 x 22 cm

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0.1 kg

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Aircraft – Rocket, Backhoe – Police car, Bear – Fox, Bird – Insect, Dragon – Dinosaure, Farmer – Animals, Little Red Riding Hood, Owl – Deer, Pigs, Prince – Breeder, School bus – Boat, Sirène – Seabed, Truck mixer – Truck, Vegetables – Fruit, Zebra – Giraffe