Digital microscope with camera for children
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Digital microscope with camera for children

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Is your child interested in biology and microorganisms? Give them the gift of this pretty digital microscope with camera, USB and WiFi. It features magnification from 50 to 1000x, so your child can get a good look at samples. Your child will be able to put into practice what they’ve learned with this microscope.

The children’s digital microscope with camera is an ideal tool for young scientists. It enables precise, enlarged observation of samples, while providing a high-quality digital image on a screen.

The integrated camera can also capture images and videos of samples, making it ideal for sharing and documentation. The microscope is easy to use and transport, making it perfect for activities in the classroom or at home.

To arouse curiosity

The Children’s Digital Microscope with Camera is a state-of-the-art scientific instrument, specially designed to encourage the curiosity and passion of young minds for the natural world around them. This supreme device lets children explore the microscopic world at their own pace, discovering a whole new level of fascinating detail. The microscope’s compact, portable design makes it easy to transport on outdoor excursions or to different classrooms. It’s slightly larger than a book, so it can easily be stored on a shelf until your little scientist is ready for his or her next exploration. What’s more, this handy device requires no complex calibration or complicated set-up; simply switch it on when they’re ready to explore and you’re ready to go.

Several functions

With a host of advanced features, this microscope comes in the form of an interactive educational gadget for children with a passion for science. It features a built-in camera that allows children to view underlying objects through an LCD screen, making them more easily accessible for observation. Up to 1200x magnification provides an incredibly detailed view of specimens, allowing children to discover things they never imagined would be so interesting. Featuring adjustable LED illumination, this microscope can illuminate specimens with bright, even light so kids can observe even in dark or poorly lit environments. Ideal for observing all kinds of materials such as semi-precious stones, plants, insects, human or animal tissue. In addition to its outstanding video and audio quality, this product is child-friendly thanks to its ergonomic design.