Soft silicone reborn doll for children in blue and pink with plush toy
Soft silicone reborn doll for children
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Soft silicone reborn doll for children

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Our soft silicone reborn dolls are ideal for accompanying your child through his first nights, thanks to their texture and noble material. Available in two colors (pink and blue). Peaceful nights ahead.

The soft silicone reborn doll for children is a top-quality doll. It’s made from high-quality silicone and is very soft to the touch. Her skin is very realistic and she has beautiful blue eyes. She’s also very light and easy to carry. This doll is perfect for children as it is very safe and contains no harmful chemicals. It’s also hypoallergenic and won’t cause skin irritation.

Meunier sleeps peacefully

This little baby sleeps peacefully and is very cute to accompany children every day. This doll can be used to comfort children who have difficulty falling asleep. It will help them develop independence from an early age. This doll is a replica of a baby in soft silicone, making it very soft to the touch. It has a fabric body and measures around 50 cm in height. Reborn dolls are very popular toys with children, as they enable them to care for a virtual baby.

Made from high-quality materials

The soft silicone reborn doll for children is an exceptional toy that offers a unique and realistic play experience. This doll is made from high-quality materials, including soft silicone, giving it a soft, pleasant-to-touch texture. It is designed to resemble a real baby, with meticulous details such as folds and wrinkles on the skin, silky soft hair, and even finger and toe nails. The soft silicone children’s reborn doll is ideal for children who like to play mummy or daddy. It can be used to help children develop their imagination, creativity and emotional sensitivity.