Doll with blue bodysuit and pink accessories
Complete, flexible headstock
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Complete, flexible headstock

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Discover our complete, flexible drinking and pooping doll. She’s very pretty, dressed in a blue pyjama and bonnet set, with flexible arms and legs. Your child will feel like she’s looking after a real little girl.

The complete, flexible doll is a toy made from high-quality materials.

Complete, flexible silicone doll with realistic baby head. Eyes are plastic, eyelashes are nylon fiber. The doll is dressed in a fabric bodysuit and comes boxed.

A nice doll set

This doll is very realistic and flexible as she drinks, eats and relieves herself. She comes complete with bottle, diapers and wipes, as well as her own cutlery. She’s dressed all in blue and is easy to transport. The complete and flexible doll is a top-quality doll with a soft silicone body and vinyl head. She has soft, realistic skin, bright, expressive eyes and a sensual, hemmed mouth. A complete, flexible doll, she’s the doll you’ve always dreamed of! She’s made from high-quality silicone, giving her a very realistic feel. She’s also highly flexible, so you can easily dress and undress her.
Doll with blue bodysuit and pink accessories

A unique toy offering a realistic play experience

The complete, flexible doll is a unique toy that offers a realistic and fun play experience for children. This doll is designed with high-quality materials, making it durable and resistant to shocks and scratches. It also features a flexible structure that allows the child to manipulate it easily and give it different positions. The complete, flexible doll comes with a full set of clothes, including shoes, socks, dress, pants, t-shirt and handbag.