Anti-stress twin dolls with striped clothes
Anti-stress twin dolls
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Anti-stress twin dolls

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Discover our anti-stress twin dolls, ideal for the social interaction of newborns, but also for the relaxation of mothers. The set symbolizes the arrival of a baby and includes a set of clothes and a birth certificate.

Anti-stress twin dolls are a great way to relax and have fun. They’re perfect for people who have trouble concentrating or need to relax. Twin Stress Dolls are made from soft, supple materials, making them comfortable to handle. They are also easy to clean and require no special maintenance.

Emotional and friendly relaxation

These highly realistic dolls with their varied, reassuring expressions are ideal for newborns, but also for mothers or mothers-to-be. These twin dolls, offered separately, have hair and bodies similar to those of full-term or premature babies. Anti-stress twin dolls are a great way to relax and relieve stress. They are made from soft, supple materials, making them very pleasant to the touch. You can use them to massage your face, neck, shoulders or anywhere else you feel stress. Ideal for your daughter.

Unique and innovative toys

Twin Stress Dolls are unique and innovative toys that offer the ultimate relaxation experience. These adorable dolls are designed to help children and adults deal effectively with stress and anxiety. Made from soft, comfortable materials, these dolls are perfect for cuddling and relaxing. They’re also equipped with a special feature: when you press their tummies, they emit a soothing sound that helps calm nerves and reduce stress. Stress-relieving twin dolls are available in a variety of different colors and designs, each with its own unique personality.