Retractable pencil case for children
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Retractable pencil case for children

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Discover the school pencil case that offers ample storage space for your child’s future pencils and pens when school starts. A good pencil case will make your child want to go to school, learn and show off his beautiful pencil case.

Your child will love this original school kit!

Retractable to suit your needs

This pencil case is ideal for all your child’s needs. A large school pencil case to store all his pencils and styles, and retractable to have all his materials right in front of him. It features a retracting mechanism that allows pencils to be pulled out in a single gesture, without the need to take them out one by one.

Practical and fun!

The children’s retractable pencil case is a practical, fun accessory that makes it easy for youngsters to store their school supplies. This pencil case is designed to be easily transportable, thanks to its compact size and cylindrical shape. It slips easily into a backpack or schoolbag, without taking up too much space. Made from high-quality materials, this case is tough and durable. With its bright colors and innovative retraction mechanism, it’s the perfect choice for all children who love to draw and color.