350 ml stainless steel thermos flask for children in black, pink, blue and white on a table with green plants and a white wall
350 ml stainless steel thermos flask for children
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350 ml stainless steel thermos flask for children

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Looking for a small, portable water bottle for your child? Choose this cute little 350 ml stainless steel thermos flask. It’s a sturdy accessory with a sleek design. Made from stainless steel, this durable bottle will be with your child for years to come.

The 350 ml stainless steel thermos flask for children is a top-quality product. It is made from high-grade stainless steel and features a double-wall insulation. This bottle is ideal for children, as it will keep their drinks cool for long hours. It’s also extremely durable and easy to clean.

An ecological water bottle

The stainless steel thermos flask for kids is the perfect choice for parents looking for an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bottles. This water bottle has a capacity of 350 ml, which is perfect for children on the move or at school. Made from high-quality materials, the thermos flask is designed to withstand knocks and drops, and features a robust lining that protects the body of the bottle from any potential damage. It’s also fully waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about splashes or water leaks. The double inner wall not only keeps the liquid cool for several hours, but also ensures that the temperature does not vary.

An attractive gourd

The bottle has been designed with a wide opening for quick and easy filling and cleaning. Its maximum capacity of 350 ml provides ample space for optimal hydration throughout the day. The small size is perfect for children’s hands, and the light weight makes this bottle easy to carry when they’re on their way to the park or simply away from home. Its aesthetic is both adorable and colorful, sure to please children. They’ll be proud to wear this accessory wherever they go, whether it’s to school, on a field trip or during outdoor activities.