Pink plush animal binder with white animal and black eyes
Children’s binder in the shape of a stuffed animal

Children’s binder in the shape of a stuffed animal

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Looking for a cute schoolbag to motivate your child to go to school? Fall for this cute backpack in the shape of a plush 3D animal. It’s super soft and adorable. What’s more, you’ll have a choice of shapes and colors. Bear, monkey, mouse, rabbit… it’s up to you to choose the backpack featuring your boy or girl’s favorite animal.

The plush animal schoolbag for kids is a cute, practical backpack that’s perfect for small children. It’s made from soft, plush fabric and is available in a variety of colors and animal patterns.

It’s lightweight and comfortable to carry, and includes an adjustable strap and carry handle. Kids will love carrying their satchel wherever they go, and they’ll love being able to choose their favorite animal!

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