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Top 10 Pokémons most loved by children in [year]

Establishing a ranking of children’s favorite Pokémons in 2022 is no mean feat. After all, there are 8 generations of Pokémon, encompassing 901 species. It’s hard to choose just 10. Nevertheless, we’ve made the effort to list the most popular Pokémons, both in the saga and in the video game, and our kids still love Pokémons.

Un pokemon pikachu posé à coté d'une grande pokeball sur fond blanc
The following Pokémons, popular for 8 generations, have amassed their share of fans


After Pikachu, Firecracker is undoubtedly the most popular Pokémon in the series and the game. He accompanies Sasha on many of his adventures, and children know him very well. In Generation 1, Salamèche (its original form) appears as one of the three starters along with Bulbizarre and Carapuce. Before becoming a Dracaufeu, it first evolves into Reptincel.

This is one of the most powerful Pokémon of any generation. To please fans, it is even given a Gigamax form in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Although Drake clearly looks like a dragon, it’s not a dragon. It is a flight and fire Pokémon. Among its most effective attacks are: Deflagration, Superheat, Flamethrower and Fireburst. In terms of affinity, this Pokémon is effective on plant, insect and fighting types.

Children appreciate both its strength and its imposing, majestic design. It is highly recognizable with its large wings and flaming tail.


Ectoplasma is the second first-generation Pokémon to remain popular with children and adults alike. It can be recognized by its purple form and petty smile. Because of the latter, it’s sometimes given the wrong role.

This is a type of Pokémon that is both spectral and poisonous. Players love it, because it can take on many kinds of enemies. Ectoplasma is available in several versions of the game: blue, red, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, pearl and platinum.

To obtain an Ectoplasma in the game, you must either train a Fantominus to evolve into a Spectrum, or trade in a Spectrum. Among its most powerful attacks are Ball’Ombre, Cradavague, Cauchemar, Vibrobscur and Devoreve.

Ectoplasma appears in several episodes of the series. In fact, he appears in over 5 of them. So kids know him pretty well. In terms of weaknesses, this Pokémon may not be effective against Spectrum, Darkness, Psy or Ground types.


First encountered in the Pokémon X and Y version of the game. It can be obtained by choosing Grenousse as your starting Pokémon. As this Pokémon is used, it first transforms into a Croâporal before becoming an Amphinobi.

This Pokémon is very famous for its Badass form, but also, and above all, for its extraordinary power, which enabled it to merge with the hero of the Sacha series. The result of this union is the 6th-generation Pokémon known as Sachanobi. It is a dark and water-type Pokémon. In the series, it can be found in episode XY100.

Amphinobi is one of the Pokémon most appreciated by players , firstly for its impressive design and secondly for its powerful attacks and high speed. It can be recognized by its blue color and long, dangling tongue.

Like all Pokémon, it also has its weaknesses. It is less effective against fairy, electric, insect, plant and battle Pokémon.

If it turns out that this Pokémon is one of your children’s most beloved in 2022, give them a Pokémon Sacha backpack featuring Amphinobi.


Simiabraz is one of the starters most loved by the general public and children alike. It can be found in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. What’s more, he’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the remix of the game just released in 2021 on the Nintendo Switch. To obtain it, choose Ouisticram as your starting Pokémon. It will evolve into Chimpenfeu before reaching level 36 to transform into Simiabraz.

You can recognize Simiabraz by its flaming head and battle-ready stance. Indeed, this is a fire-fighting Pokémon. It is highly effective against plant, darkness and insect types. On the other hand, players may have difficulty against water, psy, flight and ground types.

Simiabraz is loved for its great speed and the strength of its attacks. However, in terms of resistance, he can do better.

Simiabraz is so well known because he appears in both the video game and the series. In fact, he appears in more than 5 episodes.


Despite what you might think, legendary Pokémon aren’t necessarily popular with fans of the game and the series. However, there are some exceptions. One such exception is Pokémon Mew.

This is a psy-type Pokémon. It is small in size, measuring just 0.4 m. It is easily recognized by its pink fur and long, thin tail. You could compare it to a little mouse that flies.

In the game, he’s appreciated for his basic stats, which are virtually all at the same level. A near-perfect balance between life points, attacks, defense and speed.

In the animated film, it’s a Pokémon known for its pacifism and for the genes that created Mewtwo. It loves to play and discover new things.

In terms of weakness, it has little resistance to Pokémon of the Spectrum, Insect and Darkness types. As a legendary Pokémon, it does not evolve. It is available in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pokémon GO.


Tyranocif is also one of the Pokémon most loved by children in 2022. Youngsters love it for its dinosaur-like design. Its appearance reflects confidence and robustness. With such a Pokémon in your outfit, you’ll quickly feel reassured.

Thanks to its thick shell, Tyranocif can withstand even the most powerful attacks. It’s hard to break through its almost impenetrable defense. Despite its colossal size, it retains a certain dexterity during combat. This versatility is particularly appreciated in games. Especially as its attacks are still impressive. Indeed, he is capable of taking down an entire mountain.

This strength is not surprising, since Tyranocif is classified as a rock and darkness Pokémon. With its weight of 202.2 kg alone, it shakes the earth just by walking.

It’s impossible to mistake it for any other Pokémon, thanks to its singular shape, green color and large spines on its back.

This Pokémon is popular because it appears in several versions of the game, including gold, silver, crystal, sapphire, emerald, diamond, pearl and platinum.


Mewtwo is a synthesized Pokémon. In fact, it owes its birth to Mew’s genes. However, Mewtwo is no match for Mew, and remains the most popular Pokémon among many hardcore players.

Even though it’s a Psy-type Pokémon, its character is fiery. It is impulsive and sometimes very violent. It has personality disorders caused by its lack of understanding of life. He also harbors an unparalleled hatred for humans, and especially for the people who shaped him.

Nevertheless, he is a character who has evolved considerably over the course of the Pokémon films. He’s developed well and become more tender. He is becoming increasingly popular with Pokémon fans. It is also available in several versions of the game: red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, ruby, sapphire, x, y, black, white and many more. And it’s often the star of derivative products such as figurines, backpacks and kits.


Bulbizarre is one of the very first Pokémonstarters. It’s recognizable by its green frog shape with a bulb on its back (hence the name). From its design alone, it’s clear that it’s a plant and poison type.

Children continue to love this Pokémon in 2022 because of its endearing face and cute, cuddly look. It is also appreciated for its conciliatory nature. He dislikes disputes and conflictual situations. That’s why he does everything he can to avoid them or to resolve them so that peace can be restored.

Bulbizarre quickly evolves into Herbizarre and then Florizarre. These are respectively Pokémon numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the pokédex.

This Pokémon is not particularly strong. Nevertheless, its vines can support heavy loads, and it is very useful on rescue missions. If your child likes to help others, this is the Pokémon you should use. As it’s a first-generation Pokémon, you’ll have no trouble finding it as a derivative.


When it comes to Pokémon, it’s hard not to mention Pikachu. He’s Sacha’s faithful companion, the hero of the series. Even the uninitiated are familiar with him, as he can be found practically everywhere. You could even say he’s the franchise’s mascot.

He’s easily recognizable by his yellow fur, bunny ears and lightning bolt tail. Its overall design already suggests that it’s an electric-type Pokémon.

Deux peluches pikachu de Pokémon sur fond blanc
Pikachu has won the hearts of all Pokémon franchise afficionados

Despite its popularity thanks to the series, this Pokémon remains moderately appreciated in the game. In fact, it’s not used much in the teams. However, there’s no doubt that we all find it very cute. Younger children also appreciate it for that reason. They’re happy to carry around a Pikachu plush toy or bag.

Pikachu is the faithful friend we’d all like to have. He’s kind, thoughtful and considerate, but doesn’t forget to reprimand us with a thunderbolt when we get into mischief. That’s the charm of this little Pokémon.


Evoli is one of the most mysterious Pokémon in the game and in the saga. Children love this Pokémon first and foremost for its charming design. It looks like an adorable little fox with an endearing expression.

However, this Pokémon can take on many different forms and types:

  • Aquali: water type
  • Voltali: electric type
  • Pyroli: fire type
  • Mentali: psy type
  • Noctali: darkness type
  • Phyllali: plant type
  • Givrali: ice type
  • Nymphali: fairy type

This Pokémon is part of the first generation. It is known from the start of the game in the Red and Blue version. It also appears in subsequent versions and even in the latest Sword and Shield.

This Pokémon has a friendly personality. That’s why it’s so popular with the little ones. They find comfort in it. What’s more, its ability to change shape conveys the message that you can be anything you want to be. It’s a dream come true for youngsters.

The top 10 Pokémons most loved by children in 2022: our conclusion

Une main tenant une pokeball de pokémon rouge et blanche sur fond bleu
If you can’t decide which Pokémon to get, get them all!

The Top 10 Pokémon Kids Love in 2022 includes Pokémon from every generation. It can be fun to take the“Which Pokémon are you?” test, even if new species have appeared over the years, the first generation of Pokémon remains in the hearts of the youngest with : Dracaufeu, Pikachu, Ectoplasma and Bulbizarre and Évoli.

Powerful Pokémon such as Tyranocif, Amphinobi and Simiabraz also feature in the rankings. And legendary Pokémon are also represented by Mew and Mewtwo.What about your child? Which Pokémon do they prefer and why? Tell us all about it in the comments. We’d be delighted to have a chat with you.

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