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Our Christmas gift ideas for this year [year]

As the festive season approaches, we all ask ourselves the same question: what presents should we give our loved ones? Over the years, good ideas have become increasingly rare. We tend to run out of inspiration, and finally, we run out of time before the deadline. If you’re afraid of finding yourself in such a situation, don’t panic! Here’s our Christmas list to help you put yours together quickly, without disappointing your children.

Des paquets cadeaux de Noêl colorés aligné sur un fond blanc. Il y a des boules de noels et des décorations de sapins de Noël et d'élan
As the festive season approaches, our list of Christmas gift ideas will make your task easier

What toys to give this year [year]?

Every year, toy manufacturers come up with products worthy of Santa‘s elves. We’re always spoilt for choice. If you don’t want to get lost in the sea of items, it’s best to focus on the essentials. That way, you’ll avoid spending too much this holiday season.

To know which toy to buy for your children, try to find out their preferences. If your little one has already learned to write, ask him or her to write a letter to Santa. This will be your lead.

The choice of toy also depends on your little one’s age. Don’t forget that some models include parts that are potentially dangerous for little ones. For the latter, it’s best to prioritize safety by opting for CE-certified items. Montessori toys are an excellent choice for a first Christmas present. They will awaken your baby’s senses and intellectual capacities while keeping them occupied.

Here are the children ‘s games we recommend:

  • Puzzles
  • Construction games
  • Learning boards
  • Educational toys
  • Brain games

For older children aged 6 and over, we recommend more advanced, up-to-the-minute items. Gadgets such as portable CD players will certainly appeal to music and technology enthusiasts. They’re a great first step into the modern world. Take care to accompany this gift with your children‘s favorite records.

Fashion accessories

Toys aren’t the only alternative for Christmas gifts for children. You can opt for a more personal present that will accompany your little ones for a little while. Fashion accessories are just such a gift. They can also act as a surprise in an advent calendar. They are also objects that your little ones will be able to use in their daily lives. They’ll be happy to take a piece of you with them every day.

Among our recommendations:

  • For girls: Jewelry such as gold-plated bracelets, fancy earrings, necklaces with pendants, chokers, a complete set, braided bracelets, lady bug jewelry, a curb chain, rings. You can also opt for items such as a glitter fanny pack, a pencil case, a satchel, a trendy backpack, an umbrella or a beautiful flask.
  • For the boys: a new sports helmet, a high-tech backpack, braided bracelets, a stylish umbrella, an ethnic necklace, a robot bracelet.

A personal development game

When you put it like that, personal development games don’t sound particularly appealing. However, some children will appreciate this kind of attention from you. Indeed, if your little one is a science buff or possesses an inquisitive nature, these items will make the ideal present for them.

Among our suggestions, we recommend board games. There are many different kinds, including card games, which come in many varieties. Ask about the level of difficulty, however, so that your little one doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Opting for such a gift also has several advantages. You’re expressing your desire to share special moments with your loved ones. Indeed, board games are a great way to spend memorable moments together as a family, which in turn will help strengthen the bonds within the household.

Rollerblades for sporty kids

As well as being a great way for kids to burn off excess energy, rollerblades also make a great Christmas present. Once your little ones have mastered the basics of this sport, they’ll be able to use them as a means of getting around. With rollerblades on their feet, they’ll have no trouble getting to and from school, or simply playing with their friends in the neighborhood.

Une paire de roller noir et blanc posé devant un mur gris
A pair of roller skates is the perfect Christmas gift for all genders

Playing rollerblades will help them make new friends who share the same passion. But be careful when choosing which model to buy. For those just starting out, four-wheeled skates are recommended. More experienced skaters can opt for sporty rollerblades. There are also sneakers on the market whose soles are inlaid with wheels. These allow both walking and rolling.

When it comes to design, today’s young people love brightly colored shoes that won’t go unnoticed. The most stylish models incorporate LED lights in their wheels and soles. Your little ones are sure to impress their classmates.

Nunchucks for martial arts fans

Is your child a fan of the Ninja Kid movie? How about introducing him/her to martial arts? This idea is sure to delight him. And what better way to break the news than with a gift of nunchucks for Christmas ? This weapon is widely used in the practice of Kung Fu. Of course, to be able to use them, your little one will have to take lessons.

To guarantee your little one’s safety in the early stages, such an object should be made of foam or sponge. When it comes to color, there’s plenty to choose from on the market. Choose your little one’s favorite color. With this accessory, don’t forget to provide your little one with the right outfit to practice this sport the right way.

A musical instrument for budding artists

Children’ s learning capacity is very high up to the age of 12. From the age of 3, you can introduce your little ones to a musical instrument. They’ll pick up the basics in no time, especially if they’re motivated. If you’ve spotted talent in your little one, giving him or her an instrument could awaken a new passion.

To begin with, it’s best to opt for an instrument that doesn’t require a lot of physical effort. Professionals recommend the piano. If your son or daughter has already acquired some of the basics, you can opt for a guitar. Depending on your little one’s preferences, choose an acoustic or electric model. At Kids World, we offer both types of guitar.

For the little ones, there are guitars and pianos with pre-recorded melodies. This is a great way to familiarize them with the instrument.

A connected watch

Today, technology is an integral part of our lives, and that of our children. Giving them a state-of-the-art gadget for Christmas is just the thing. Thanks to the various functions integrated into a connected watch, this gift is sure to please them. And if you can’t buy them a cell phone, this accessory is an excellent alternative.

Un jeune garçon sur fond blanc qui lit l'heure sur sa montre connectée, il porte une veste marron et une chemise bleue.
Giving a connected watch for Christmas is a gift that’s as fun as it is practical

Depending on your budget, you can opt for different models. Some models feature GPS, can integrate a SIM card, take photos and videos and, of course, tell the time. The more options, the higher the price. Prices range from around forty to a hundred euros.

In terms of sturdiness and durability, opt for water-resistant watches that can withstand moisture and splashes. So, even if your child has been in the rain for a long time, it won’t damage the product.

A teepee

Giving a teepee for Christmas is a gift idea that’s just as suitable for a girl as for a boy. In addition to serving as a playground for our little ones, this structure can also enhance the decor of their bedroom. Provided, of course, that you choose the right size and motifs.

If your little one’s living space is rather small, we’d advise you to opt for a foldable, portable model. This way, your little one can put his teepee away once he or she has finished playing with it.

Here are a few examples of the most interesting choices:

  • The tent tipi
  • Circus tipi
  • Princess castle tepee
  • The hanging teepee
  • The bed-head tepee
  • The beach tepee
  • The house teepee

In terms of colors and designs, take into account your children‘s current passions. You can choose from animal designs, astronauts, princesses, Indians and more.

Decorative accessories for the nursery

Children are particularly fond of decorating their bedrooms according to their tastes and desires. That’s why they love beautiful objects that can be used to decorate their living space. So you may want to consider such a gift for your little one.

Here are our suggestions:

  • A bedside lamp: not only does it serve as an accent light, it also adds a decorative touch to the room thanks to its design.
  • A footstool: this accessory will add comfort to your child’s bedroom. They can use it for reading or relaxing after a hard day’s work. It will also enable your little one to welcome visitors.
  • A comforter: the bed is the most imposing piece of furniture in a bedroom. As such, it has a major influence on the overall look of the room. To please your child and make him dream, why not buy him a comforter featuring his favorite cartoon heroes?
  • An alarm watch: there are many different designs of alarm watches on the market today. You can choose the look that will appeal to your little ones: penguins, Mickey Mousse, dinosaur, robot, panda, mouse, rabbit or other.

Clothes for fashions victims

The Christmas season is also synonymous with new clothes. It’s the perfect time to revamp your little ones’ wardrobes so they’re better equipped to face the coming year. With winter just around the corner, we recommend that you don’t forget the slippers to keep your little ones’ feet warm.

Une jeune fille sur fond blanc avec des longs cheveux blond elle tient dans ses mains une robe pour enfant orange et dans l'autre main une blouse rose.
A gift of clothing is a sure-fire way to provide year-round value

Here are just a few of the gifts you can consider:

  • A hooded fleece jacket
  • A parka
  • A waterproof jacket
  • A hat
  • A beanie
  • Shorts and shirt
  • Gloves
  • Beret
  • A cap
  • Masks
  • A new pair of shoes
  • A swimsuit for swimming lessons and upcoming vacations

Our Christmas gift ideas: the must-have

Opening presents under the Christmas tree is the highlight of the festive season. Children are excited to know the contents of their packages, and parents are delighted to see the happiness on their faces. It’s one of the most magical moments a family can share.

To make this moment even more special, it’s important to choose the best presents to suit the tastes, preferences and passions of our little ones. For the little ones, Montessori Toys are sure to fill them with wonder. Add to this plush toys, dolls or clothes.

As for the older ones, they’ll love technological products like connected watches or CD players. For outdoor play, opt for rollerblades to help them expend their energy.

From the age of three, our little ones can receive their first musical instrument: piano or guitar. Offer them lessons in a good school in addition to this.

But games and entertainment aren’t your only alternatives. Think utilitarian items like bedroom decorations, shoes, clothes, fashion accessories, backpacks and jewelry.

How about it? Have you found the best Christmas gift this year? What products have you chosen for your little ones? Tell us about your favorites in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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