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Connected watches for kids: The advantages

More and more parents are giving their children connected watches rather than smartphones. Firstly, because they feel this gadget is more age-appropriate. Secondly, in addition to making and receiving calls, it also integrates a GPS function, a pedometer, a tracker and various applications that are both fun and functional. The benefits for parents and their children are numerous.

Un jeune garçon qui parle dans sa montre connectée. Il porte une montre bleu, une chemise bleu et il est sous le soleil en extérieur. il y a des arbres en arrière plan
The connected watch or smart watch is already part of our youngest children’s habits

What exactly is a connected watch?

The connected watch, also known as the smartwatch, is a hybrid gadget between the classic watch and the smartphone. As you’d expect, it not only tells the time, but also offers other useful functions. It can receive phone calls and send messages. What’s more, you can install a variety of applications to watch videos or make daily life easier for the user.

What’s more, some connected watches for kids come with a GPS function. This makes it possible to locate the wearer. It’s this technology in particular that makes this accessory so popular with parents concerned about their little ones’ safety. Currently on the market, there’s a very wide range of models with various options, sizes and brands. In fact, some of the world’s leading smartphone specialists have their own range of connected watches. It’s not hard to find one to suit every age group.

The smartwatch: easier to use than the smartphone

One of the greatest advantages of a connected watch is its ergonomics. Children wear them on their wrists. A single gesture is all it takes to access the screen and all the applications. With a smartphone, he still has to take it out of his bag before he can use it. Sometimes he can’t even hear his phone ring when he’s still dizzy or busy.

Since the child’s connected watch surrounds his wrist, he’ll notice right away when it’s vibrating. So there’s less risk of him not picking up. His parents can communicate with him in real time, without disturbing him too much. After all, he may soon tire of it and leave his watch in the locker. You don’t want to give them the impression that it’s some sort of device to monitor their every move.

A connected watch with integrated GPS

Almost all smartwatches on the market feature a geolocation system. A GPS-enabled watch can pinpoint the exact location of its wearer. The gadget then gathers all the information around thechild for more precise indications. This makes it easier to plan your little one’s next moves.

Une table en bois ou est posée un ordinateur portable gris, un iphone blanc, un ipad blanc et une montre connectée noire. Tous les écrans indiquent un plan GPS
Connected watches can be equipped with a GPS function, so you’ll never get lost

Once again, the smartwatch ‘s GPS function must not be used to spy on your child. The child must retain a certain freedom of movement. This feature is only used in three cases:

When he leaves without saying where he’s going:

In this case, it’s perfectly normal to worry about not knowing where he is. Sometimes, though, he’s just playing with the next-door neighbor’s child. So with GPS, there’s no need to call. All you have to do is open the app and do a quick check to locate him. No need to bother him with incessant calls. What’s more, even if he doesn’t respond to messages or calls, you’re sure to know exactly where he is so you can go and find him.

Likewise, GPS-enabled watches come in handy not only when your little one leaves the house, but also when he’s indoors or playing in the garden. You don’t have to keep an eye on him all the time. Of course, this doesn’t mean neglect.

In an emergency

GPS can also help you locate your child quickly in the event of an emergency. This could be the case, for example, in the event of a traffic accident on a road regularly used by the child, or in the event of a disaster. Since we know where we are when the dangerous incident occurs, we worry less. What’s more, it’s easier to give him instructions and show him the safest way home. The advantage of GPS also lies in the perfect representation of the map of the city, the country or even the planet.

Time to get out of school

It’s perfectly normal to activate the GPS at school leaving time, to see whether or not your child is following the same routes as on a daily basis. If he’s straying too far from the usual route, just give him a call to find out if all is well or not.

The connected watch ‘s GPS functionality is especially aimed at parents. It means they don’t have to worry too much about their children. They’ll have greater peace of mind.

Smartphone-like functionality

A smartwatch is really a smartphone. It includes all the basic functions, such as calls and messages, as well as applications that make the wearer’s day-to-day life easier.

Calls and messages

Children will even find it more fun to answer calls, as they do so in the manner of superheroes or secret agents in action movies. The chances are greater that he’ll pick up the call instantly.

On the wrist, the smartwatch is more convenient. All the child has to do is lift his arm to make calls, which comes in handy when he’s on foot. The same goes for messages. But then, they’ll have to be kept succinct, as it’s rather difficult to compose them on a keyboard contained in such a narrow screen. In this case, it’s best to combine a smartphone and a connected watch.

Selfies, social networks and the Internet

Today’s young people prefer to communicate via social networks and messaging services such as Messenger or Tweeter. The connected watch is just like the smartphone, enabling the user to connect to his or her favorite virtual spaces. Recent models with cameras are compatible with new social networks like Tik-Tok. They feature WiFi functions for connecting to the Internet anywhere, anytime.

Your child won’t have to constantly take out his or her smartphone to check notifications. However, it’s best to limit the content of the watch to avoid distractions. Instead of making his day easier, it could actually hinder his productivity.

Applications to help manage your child’s health

If the smartwatch is also an advertisement, it’s mainly due to its applications for monitoring achild‘s health and even lifestyle. Firstly, it incorporates a pedometer whose role is to count the number of steps taken daily by the user. This is a way of finding out whether thechild has completed his or her daily walking exercises. The most powerful models even analyze the user’s performance over a given period.

Smartwatches also generally include other very interesting options, such as a heart rate monitor. This application measures the child ‘s heart rate using the watch‘s wristband, whenever the child makes a significant physical effort. In the event of an anomaly, the device sends an alert signal to parents. Other brands have even attempted to include an electrocardiogram in their e-watch, albeit with very basic functions. This in no way replaces medical consultations.

Applications to manage your child’s day

As he’s still a child, the little angel isn’t quite capable of remembering all his daily tasks, chores and obligations. He’s likely to forget some of them, and risk being reprimanded. The smartwatch makes up for this with its “reminder” applications. These tell the child what to do and when. It also relieves parents of the need to call to remind them every time. Whether it’s tidying his room or brushing his teeth, the watch ‘s alarm notifies the child of everything. The gadget is just as practical as a child’s alarm clock.

Emergency or distress call button

One of the most important features of the smartwatch for kids is the “SOS” button. This differs from the emergency call in that the watch automatically calls a number predefined by the user. This is usually the contact number of one of the child‘s parents or guardians. If this number is not answered, the accessory automatically dials other alternative numbers, indefinitely, until someone picks up. The SOS function is not only used in emergencies, but also as a shortcut to quickly reach a parent when the child is running, for example.

Un jeune garçon au gilet vert porte à son poignet une montre connectée bleu. Il appuie sur le bouton d'appel d'urgence sur la montre.
The emergency call function is an additional safety feature for your child, present in most connected watches

The distress button works in conjunction with the GPS function. It simply signals to parents that their child is facing imminent danger and is unable to make a call. It also makes it easier to send help exactly where the signal was received.

An entertainment accessory

The main reason for buying connected watches for children is to entertain them, not to invade their privacy. If they want one, it’s mainly to take advantage of the fun and amusing applications inside, otherwise they lose interest pretty quickly. We recommend installing a few popular games or gadgets that easily capture their attention. They’ll quickly become attached to their “new toy”. There are also entertaining and educational applications on these watches, such as puzzles and short videos.

For young children, the smartwatch can even contain songs or nursery rhymes to calm them in a crisis. The smartwatch can be customized as required. And since they’re likely to become attached to it, they won’t want to play with mom or dad’s smartphone or stare at the TV.

Waterproof and sturdy

Manufacturers of connected watches for kids generally offer sturdy, waterproof models. This is perfect for children, especially for toddlers who are a bit rambunctious.

Une montre connectée noire sur une table de bois marron, la montre est mouillée de gouttes d'eau
For active children, it’s essential to think about the sturdiness and water-resistance of the connected watch before buying it

Since the watch is waterproof, toddlers don’t have to take it off all the time. There are even resistant variants that he can take to the shower. These are often designed with shock-resistant material. Indeed, the little one won’t always be careful with his accessory. So it’s a good idea to find out more about the model before you buy.

A fashion accessory

Classic or connected watches aren’t just for entertainment or telling the time. They are also true fashion accessories that can be matched to a child’s look. Various models are available from specialist stores. Some adopt the colors and images of the cartoon heroes so beloved by youngsters. The lucky owner can proudly display his or her watch in front of friends.

Connected watches for kids: the benefits in a nutshell

The connected watch for kids is practical, fun, chic and trendy. It makes life easier for parents andchildren alike. For parents, this accessory becomes a real intelligent assistant, helping not only to manage the life of their little devil, but also to better guarantee his safety. For children, the smartwatch is more than a toy. However, as a responsible parent, you need to be meticulous in choosing which model to give as a gift. Discover our Top 10 children’s watches. Have you given one to your child? Share your experience of giving this precious gadget in the comments.

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