6 wooden pencils in the shape of a 3D vehicle
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6 wooden pencils in the shape of a 3D vehicle

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Discover this wooden pencil in the shape of a 3D cartoon vehicle. An original, colorful and fun pencil that’s sure to delight your child. Want to make your child happy? Give them this handmade pencil. At school or at home, he’ll love using it to draw or write.

Wooden pencils in the shape of 3D vehicles are perfect for children who like to draw and play. These pencils are made from solid wood, making them very strong and durable. They have a unique 3D shape, making them fun and playful. Kids will love drawing and playing with these pencils.

6 pieces of wooden pencil

When you order this product, you’ll receive not one pencil, but six! Your child will be delighted to receive them! As well as being crayons, they’ll also be able to play with them and invent stories with the different means of locomotion that each of the 6 crayons represents. They’ll be able to draw the elements at the end of the pencil, like cars, boats or planes.

Quality pencils

Each pencil is made from high-quality wood, making it durable and impact-resistant. These 3D vehicle-shaped wooden pencils are not only fun to use, they also encourage children to be creative and imaginative. The pencils are also easy for little hands to hold and use. They feature a standard pencil lead, making them perfect for everyday use at school or at home.